Life Insurance

Almost all adults need life insurance for several reasons. The primary reason is to make sure your loved ones will not be left without help in the event of an early death. A solid life insurance policy would provide financially for a spouse and/or children to help them especially in the transition period immediately after a death: funeral expenses, paying rent or the mortgage during the initial shock, and maybe helping with college tuition.

Life Insurance in Huntsville

A solid financial/retirement plan includes a good life insurance policy. If you are the primary income earner, it will be part of the retirement plan for your spouse and/or helping your children. Depending on the type of life insurance policy you get, you could also receive payouts during retirement. Ask your insurance agent to help explain the benefits and drawbacks of such a plan.

Types of Life Insurance

Protection policy - designed to provide benefits for a covered event, this is usually a lump sum payment to the beneficiary.

Investment policy - designed to help grow capital.

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