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The best drivers need insurance - the "other guy" can hit you. In just the wrong circumstance you can be liable for an accident beyond your control. And all drivers must have liability auto insurance coverage. In bad weather you could hit a patch of ice or a deeper amount of rain water collection than you can do all the right things and still get into an accident. Sometimes you can be improperly found liable. Protect yourself and others by having the proper amount of liability insurance, medical coverage, etc.

Car-Auto Insurance in Hazel Green Alabama

(Madison County)
Auto Insurance

The Gibson Agency cannot guarantee you everything, but we are committed to helping you get the best car insurance possible for your situation. All the car insurance laws can get confusing - we are here to help you make sense of all the coverages. As an independent insurance agency, we partner with several insurance carriers; we will shop these companies to get you the best rate! We want to win your business.

Multiple Coverage Options
In addition to standard car insurance policies, we can also write a policy for: Classic Cars, Trucks, SUV and Motorcycle coverage, Boats, other watercraft or RV coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

You need to know the coverages you have and we will help you understand all the options. Comprehensive coverage may not be the best or appropriate option. We will do our best to explain any coverage you need.

We are here to answer ANY question you might have...just ask! We are also happy to compare your current policy to see if we can find the same coverage for a better rate.

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